We encourage donors to help us promote projects meant to improve the quality of life of the residents and their families. These enterprises will make it possible for residents and their families to meet and spend time together in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere.

Therapeutic Garden

The activities that take place in the therapeutic garden are very effective in soothing restlessness among patients and also help preserve their functioning capabilities.

We want to build a 150 m2 therapeutic greenhouse in the Ward A yard (Cognitively Incapacitated Ward), complete with a climate control and irrigation system. We would also like to build a sensory garden with wide pathways, a variety of plants, and abundant colors and sensory stimulation for the residents.

Family Area

Now, when residents’ children and grandchildren come to visit the center, they have the option of going outside to a dunam and a half sized yard, which is supposed to undergo renovation to install a playground with swings and slides, an area for ball games, and more.

This family area will make the center more enjoyable for families and young children to visit. The patients will be able to enjoy a change of scenery and spend time with their loved ones in a familiar environment.

Interactive Family Area

This area will be for the residents and their families in the lobby of Ward A (next to the Music Room). The area will have a table with a built-in tablet for listening to music, watching video clips, and cognitive games suited to the residents. The families and caregivers will be instructed on how to use the programs and operate the device.

The tablet can compile a personal database for each resident including customized playlists, photographs, and video clips and will monitor their progress in the cognitive exercise games.