The medical center is constantly engaged in research in the various fields of therapy (nutrition, physiotherapy, nursing, music therapy) and we are striving to expand our research work. Dr. Ayelet Dassa, the center’s Music Therapist, is responsible for the research layout. The studies being conducted at the center are approved by the Ethics Committee of the Social Work Department at Bar-Ilan University and are done in collaboration with Prof. Liat Ayalon from Bar-Ilan University. The center also conducts research collaborations with universities and other external entities.

Some of the studies conducted at the center are currently supported by the Paulina and Mans Graubard Foundation. The medical center fundraises in order to establish additional foundations that will enable it to expand the research layout and continue conducting relevant studies.

We welcome donors interested in commemorating the names of their loved ones to donate to foundations that will be used for research conducted at the center. We also welcome researchers interested in collaborating with us to contact the center.

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